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Why willpower is overvalue

Psychologists progressively think arduous control condition is not the key to the good results in life. So what is Actually behind live good life.

In easy way we can say the people who are strict in life and never forget what they should eat? what should they exercise and also they have own rules to live sophisticated life.

In my personal opinions years ago in long run in life these type of peoples will have been living happy life and have a lot of power to do anything.

Mean while those people who are weak to resist any thing what they want in life ultimately they have underexploited willpower. These are people they have insufficient cultural information.

According to research:

“People are happy and healthy when there is an ability to fit between self and environment”

Let deep dive to understand the level of self-control in stranger sitting in front of you any place or any time. First Method ask question and observe the privacy level of your opposite person and he will not patient in regarding eating.

Second method is very engrossing and most of people show dote. In 2020 this method is used most. Use brain teaser that will create the internal, cognitive conflicts and here willpower help you over-come the internal conflicts.

According to Inzlicht and his supporters create a technique to test strength of those people they say we have strong willpower and self-control. Let pass that exams to checkout the our self-control.

Honestly this test is very difficult. This practice known as stroop task In which participants are given words of colors , but font style of these words fonts of these words are totally different colors.

Participants have to indicate which color they see and ignore what the word actually says. “When the meaning of the word conflicts with the color of the word, you have a conflict,” Inzlicht says. And, the thinking goes, you have to use self-control to power your brain through this conflict and come to the right answer.

Members have to pick which color they look and ignore what the word honestly says. “why the meaning of the word conflicts with color of word , you have a conflict” By this technique you should come over the conflicts and come to right answer.


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