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We Are All Alchemists

We have now the power to rework. To take the pains and passions that run deep inside our souls and switch them into gold. For if we’re manufactured from golden mild, then might our damaged hearts be however alternatives for awakening. Might we rise every day with the solar’s beam like heat filling our hearts. Holding us, so we might maintain ourselves within the practices that shift our power. Feeling into our damaged areas, so we might heal them. For when our embodied experiences keep caught inside us, we stay disconnected from reality, from mild. So might we really feel by way of the sticky and into our steadiness. Join. See. Clearly. Increase. Our Resonance. Be right here. In our tender power. In humility and in deep compassion. Be keen to see these difficult presents of our path as jewels that permit us to know ourselves, our essence. Awaken the sensible ones, that dwell deep inside us.

Might we belief our heartache, the heartbreak of our brothers, sisters, and know we’re not separate. Might we be current to this life, might we witness one another and know we’re all linked. And all of us have the power to step onto the trail, to appease all of the tender hearts with our love. Every little thing we ache for is right here. Proper right here. After we are keen to stroll by way of our hearth and let it burn by way of the sky.

I’ve recognized wrestle. My coronary heart, damaged. Into one million items.

I’ve witnessed trauma and heartbreak change me. And,

I’ve seen the struggling adorn me with wings which have soared right into a courageous armor of sunshine. Embellished in reality. Alive to all of it.

Generally our heartache hardens us. Fastening layers of safety round our reality. However what if these achings had been our most trusted advisors? Readying us. Cracking us, open.

What if we let down our shields to set ourselves free?

What if we allowed ourselves to interrupt out of our cages, forged ourselves to the wind, and floated into the security of affection. Into this abundance, obtainable to our hearts, in any respect moments;

Oh, how we might fly.

Then there we’re, bare. Our coronary heart’s uncovered to the sunshine.

What if solely then once we are shattered, we didn’t break. However selected to choose up the items.

To decorate ourselves in mild,

Like a kaleidoscope of affection.

To maneuver and switch these items in direction of eyes of heat, to belief the wild journey in all its heartache and earthly marvel.

We’re this resilient. We’re this lovely.

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