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Think about A Priceless Love

Think about loving.

Think about loving extra.

Think about loving greater than cash.

Now, think about loving an individual greater than cash.

Think about loving and accepting an individual greater than cash.

Think about loving and accepting an individual for greater than cash and stuff.

Think about, and solely think about, loving an individual.

Join to like greater than paper, the plastic materials.

Carry the love raging in your coronary heart on the skin of your shirt sleeve. Let or not it’s the shirt you put on. Let the love keep stitched in you want patches sewn on to fill within the holes of silence as a result of not everybody round you’ll be able to think about loving.

Peel off your price ticket. Not everybody will love you greater than cash. It was by no means in regards to the cash.

Transfer gently on this planet towards extra love. Towards love that doesn’t put a worth in your physique. A love that doesn’t see you as a greenback signal.

A love that sees you together with your coronary heart in your sleeve, the ripped up, the torn up items of your coronary heart held hostage for ransom, and picture a love not trafficked.

Think about love. Think about a priceless love inside you.

A love not hidden behind a barcode. A free love.

Let your freedom discover you if you think about loving your self with no worth to pay. Give away the cash paid on your physique. Shut the accounts.

Love your self and financial institution in love. When all the cash and stuff is gone, solely love stays.

Think about you might be cherished greater than cash.

Beautiful you, imagining what it might imply to be cherished greater than solely the factor folks noticed once they wanted one thing, filling your pockets with hearts that know the worth of you is in love solely.

Think about loving solely to turn out to be an countless love.

Let this love be your remaining transaction.

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