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Sext: This Is What You Do To My Physique

I don’t usually run into people I’d want to kiss.
My mouth is a extremely stingy issue,
the best way by which she wishes to fall in love
the best way by which she wishes to lock lips
supplied that it means
one factor.

I thought-about auctioning off my coronary coronary heart,
giving her to a additional accepting physique.
I thought-about working to the forest,
to stop worrying that I was incapable
of letting go
and letting in,
to develop evergreen and stop fretting.

Nonetheless you then,
you appear all sunken chest and full moon lipped.
You flip me once more into one factor primal,
I’m on all fours
dripping strawberry juice
all through my white button up,
why don’t you come and see?
Come model me.

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