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Our Love Is The Happiest Accident

We gazed up on the stars, an impressive glimmering mess of sunshine billions of miles above, inextricably linked but profoundly uneasy.

And I cut up my coronary heart open, hoping you’d catch the items.

I instructed you that I felt insufficient. That I won’t be ok for you. I put a lot inventory within the which means of the universe, the promise that in that second, we belonged to one another alone, that I wanted I used to be heaven-sent.

It was then that you just seemed away from the kaleidoscope of stars and into my eyes. You instructed me that you just imagine that life is inherently chaotic, that there’s no cause or timing to the universe. That we weren’t introduced collectively by destiny, we have been merely collectively. That I don’t must develop into some type of destined, immaculate being to obtain your love — that you just love me as I’m.

All my life, I’ve sought order and cause, at the same time as my feelings overwhelmed me. However possibly you’re proper — possibly I ought to put aside my insecurities and not assume that our love belongs to the destiny of the universe alone. Perhaps there isn’t a rhyme or cause to the day we met, no good accomplice made only for us, no cause to cave to our insecurities. Perhaps we’re a blissfully blissful accident — a coincidence that arrived out of nowhere, a shot in the dead of night that blindly struck the goal.

We’ve survived the chaos superbly, remaining trustworthy when life separates us, taking every twist and switch daily, residing in tandem with the wild world that one way or the other tethers us collectively, studying to not query the unexplainable. We’ve accepted the unacceptable, not with resignation however as an alternative with timeless hope that our love will carry us to the top even when the celebrities is not going to.

We’ll watch the world dizzyingly swirl round us in its sheer unpredictability and nonetheless maintain one another shut. We’ll give thanks that we’re not tempted to attend for an indication to seal our union, that we are able to place our personal instinct first as an alternative of succumbing to the will to depend on future.

And we’ll have fun that as a result of we’re unbridled lovers, not bonded to the desire of the universe alone, we not really feel stress to comb one another off our ft in a single fell swoop. We will join with out reservation, sharing our deepest secrets and techniques, displaying our true colours, consciously selecting love with out ruminating over divine intervention.

As I fell for you, I wholeheartedly believed that one thing far past us introduced us collectively. However that night time, as we sat below a disorderly array of shiny stars, I spotted that love is ideal in its chaos. We could not know the way or why our love blossomed, we could have struggled collectively when the world threatened to interrupt us aside, however possibly the why of our love doesn’t matter. As the celebrities scattered throughout the sky, we remained by one another’s sides, imperfect however carefree. We admired the celestial our bodies above however refused to hearken to their name as a result of our love is the happiest accident.

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