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I wish I knew the 3 manners that lead to success in commencement by Elon Musk’s


  1. Hard-work.
  2. Build a great team.

Don’t Follow Trends.


In 2014 at USC’s Elon Musk had to give very limited time to give a unique idea to prove yourself as a great leader to students. According to Elon Musk

every idea is a great idea for which you ready to wake up whole night You just add some best techniques to fast your time and avoiding the wasting your time. According to them if they knew these rules before many years then they will gain this place more earlier.


According to them it doesn’t mean you work hard blindly day and night. you have to work with planning and check what suitable time for what project. According to survey of north America Academy named world’s survey for leaders 90% people not work smartly.

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According to them when he and his brother start company instead of getting apartment. He worked super-hard they even had to code 7 daysin a weeks and live in rented office. If one person work for 50hrs and another person works 100hrs in suitable manners absolutely second person can build two companies in a year.

#Build a great team

Famous saying,

“Give me your friend list I will tell you your future”

The same principal Elon applied to his life. In case of no having company just imagine you joined company then you should connect to seniors and take benefits from their wonderful experience. With passage of time you will be able to stand as leader and you will start to lead the people to their oriented directions.

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#Don’t Follow Trends

According to them “think in terms of the physics approach at first principal instead of reasoning by analogy”. You should boil things down to the fundamental truths you can imagine and you reason up from here.

This is better way to judge or make sense what other peoples doing same.

The main difficulty is we start think we can’t think about it. If you want to do something new then you have to think what the benefits or harmful effects in coming at least 5 years and how i come over my problems.



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