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Grieving Isn’t Purple Or Blue, It’s Human

As I go searching me, it’s very obvious that most individuals in my interior circle and even on the information are fairly thrilled with the title of President-Elect getting used for Joe Biden. Like many others, I additionally really feel aid and hope for the long run. That being stated, I haven’t forgotten what it felt like as I watched the 2016 presidential election outcomes are available in.

To say that Donald Trump’s victory was upsetting could be an understatement. I recall questioning how I may have didn’t see that I’m surrounded by individuals who have been prepared to miss and even embrace what I noticed as obvious flaws in his character. I used to be confused as to why such a various nation would elect a person who appeared unable and even unwilling to understand the struggles of anybody apart from his personal self and individuals who mirrored his pores and skin shade, gender, and nation of delivery. I used to be immensely disillusioned in my very own nation for making me really feel like a big portion of the individuals dwelling right here didn’t suppose I, an LGBTQ+ girl, was valued as a member of our society. I wasn’t really even positive I belonged right here or wished to belong in such a spot. I questioned whether or not this was really a society I’d wish to increase kids in

Basically, after I look again at my Fb posts from this time, I appear to have quickly gone via the 5 phases of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, despair, and acceptance. Make no mistake, the acceptance was not paired with pleasure by any means.

I stated that most individuals I’ve seen really feel relieved, hopeful, and even elated proper now. That is true, however that doesn’t imply everyone seems to be feeling this manner. Throughout all of this, I’ve come to understand that there’s something that the Trump supporters and I’ve in frequent. We might not expertise it for a similar causes, however we share the very human expertise of grieving

Proper now, many of the Trump supporters round me are experiencing a mix of denial and/or anger. I can’t say I’m stunned they’re in denial, Trump himself is refusing to simply accept the rely. Even earlier than this, I’m positive the Trump supporters have been totally satisfied there could be 4 extra years, identical to I used to be totally satisfied we weren’t a nation that will elect somebody like Trump. I’m additionally not stunned that they’re indignant. They really feel that they have been cheated, and other people are inclined to really feel indignant when that occurs. I used to be indignant, however for various causes.

I’m positive there are Trump supporters in different phases of grieving as nicely. I can think about that some have taken successful to their religion that has basically knocked them to their knees. Some are most likely actually on their knees praying, perhaps even bargaining. I’m positive some are crying, uncertain of how they’d go on in a future beneath another person’s management.

I don’t agree with a variety of issues that Trump or his supporters do. One of many largest variations in worldview between myself and Trump is the willingness to take a look at those that are totally different from myself as equally human. I’m not going to method his supporters as a faculty yard bully would, even when that’s how they might have approached others 4 years in the past. I’m merely going to allow them to grieve.

To these this election has left in misery, or fury, or utter despair: Acceptance will come. It is probably not fast, it seemingly gained’t be simple, however it should come. You’re not going to die, even when it looks like you’re. In the event you want somebody to only hear, I’m prepared. On the finish of the day, whether or not we vote pink or blue (or another shade), we’re all people who bleed the identical blood and cry the identical tears.

I would like an America that heals and grows. I’m not going to rub salt wounds, as a result of that isn’t the best way.

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