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All The Occasions Once I Wished You Would’ve Kissed Me

I needed you to kiss me every time we locked eyes for a second too lengthy, every time we hugged for a second too lengthy, every time we let a second move between us for a second too lengthy.

I really feel like that occurred with most of our interactions. They all the time lasted a second too lengthy for pals. Not lengthy sufficient for anybody else to note, however lengthy sufficient for us to note, lengthy sufficient for it to imply one thing, even when neither of us ever acknowledged it.

I needed you to kiss me every time we had been bantering backwards and forwards, every time we had been flirting behind the veil of sarcastic feedback, every time we had been commenting on how a lot we favored one another with out truly saying the phrases. I needed you to kiss me each time I teased you about one thing you mentioned and each time you teased me proper again. I needed you to kiss me in the course of a sentence, lower me proper off, as a result of what we had been saying was meaningless anyway. What we had been saying, actually, was I would like you so unhealthy.

I needed you to kiss me every time we touched, irrespective of how comfortable, irrespective of how brief. I needed you to kiss me everytime you positioned your hand on my again. Everytime you wrapped your hand round mine. Everytime you tapped my shoulder. Everytime you fucking high-fived me. Each contact was bliss. Each contact was torture. Each contact begged for extra.

I needed you to kiss me everytime you locked eyes with me. You didn’t must smile. You didn’t must say a phrase. Taking a look at me was the one factor you wanted to do to get my coronary heart racing, my blood pumping, my pores and skin tingling. It didn’t take a lot. All it took was the sight of you, the scent of you, the presence of you. All it took was you.

I needed you to kiss me every time the room went silent, every time we stopped speaking however one thing unsaid was lingering within the air, hanging over each of our heads. We by no means truly ran out of issues to speak about. We selected the silence as a result of we needed it to show into one thing else. And it did. It became looking at your lips, into nervous laughter, into one other informal, let’s-never-mention-this-aloud dialog. It by no means became what I needed probably the most.

I needed you to kiss me — however I by no means mentioned the phrases aloud. I by no means admitted that’s what I needed from you. I by no means verbalized the sentiments I assumed had been abundantly apparent to anybody inside a mile of our conversations.

I by no means mentioned these issues as a result of I didn’t suppose they had been mandatory. I assumed they’d be overkill. I all the time assumed you possibly can sense them in my voice, in my eyes, in my aura. However possibly you had been clueless. Perhaps you had been giving off as many indicators as me. Perhaps neither of us realized what was taking place in these silences. Or possibly neither of us had been courageous sufficient to shut the hole.

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