Mother Earth Day is celebrated at CBD Punjab House.

Lahore Saturday, April 23, 2022— Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) also known as Central Business District (CBD Punjab) has played an important role in making the environment nature friendly, that is why most of the initiatives taken by CBD Punjab are ecofriendly.

The Team of CBD Punjab celebrated Earth Day at CBD House Punjab by switching off the lights and air conditioners of CBD Punjab house for 60 minutes as a gesture of energy-saving and curbing the amount of CFC gases that are released into the air. CBD Punjab has always taken dynamic steps to contribute to a healthy environment and save nature as much as it is possible.

Previously CBD Punjab has planted 5000+ trees and relocated many trees instead of cutting them down during the construction of the parking plaza and main boulevard of CBD Punjab. Provisioning of 12,000 trees has already been given to PHA, to be planted in Lahore.

On this occasion Executive Director Commercial LCBDDA, Mohammad Omer said that “preserving the environment and contributing to saving mother earth is the core responsibility of everyone. We here at CBD Punjab ensure environmentally safe and eco-friendly initiatives in our development and construction projects. CBD Punjab has pledged to dynamically contribute to making the environment clean and green. I will request each and every individual to do small bits like tree plantation, energy saving, minimal usage of plastic, and recycling to make our environment green and breathable for our future generations”.

Whether it is marking 100% growth of trees, proposing of LNG-based power plant, or usage of treated and filtered sewerage water for horticulture every step taken by CBD Punjab is a patent that authority is actively taking part in preserving the environment and making mother earth clean and green.

About CBD:

Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) also known as Central Business District (CBD Punjab) welcomes you to Pakistan’s first central business district “CBD Punjab” which puts Pakistan on the map of global business districts where we promise to ensure bespoke and innovative real estate supply to contribute to the national development. Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) has been mandated to develop environment-friendly, urban regeneration projects on vertical principles that would enhance the characteristics of the city through walkable urbanism and smart infrastructure. CBD Punjab is proudly working to provide unique opportunities for businesses to grow and cities to expand under international standards. Development has been categorized into different districts namely Commercial District, Residential District, and Digital District. Each district has its unique characteristics and dynamics, connected through urban green infrastructure developed by renowned international architects. The development and infrastructure work has already been initiated for Lahore Prime at CBD Punjab. The authority has auctioned Pakistan Lahore’s first planned Downtown in which authority presented 7 mixed use premium commercial plots. From the grand auction of Lahore Downtown authority secured an investment of Rs 35 billion PKR.CBD Punjab has also launched Pakistan’s most unique graduate development program the apprentice to give professional training to fresh graduates that will lead towards permanent jobs

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