Five Tips for Writing Better Code

It’s no secret—programmers strive to write good code. It’s just in their nature. Coding takes patience and precision, and it’s fair to assume that most individuals with these traits wouldn’t be involved in the trade if they wanted to write sloppy code. Seasoned coders will tell you though, there are a few tricks to writing good (not perfect) code right off the bat. Here are a few of them.

Be Patient.

Patience is key in the world of programming. You have to realize that you’re not always going to write the best code on your first try. That’s all part of the experience. Going into a coding project with a clear mind, knowing that you’ll make mistakes, will make it easier when the mistakes happen (because they will happen). Knowing this ahead of time will lessen the frustration later.

Use the Right Tools. 

An artist wouldn’t be a very good artist if they didn’t have the right brushes or paint, right? A programmer needs the right tools and systems to enable them to do their job effectively. Read developer blogs to learn what tools are the best for each purpose, and keep up with the latest industry trends. The tech industry is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, so it’s important to stay in the know.

Write Sustainable Code.

Don’t just write code for the purpose of “the now.” Keep the future in mind, and make sure you’ll be able to sustain and maintain it continuously over time. Ensuring long-term quality will help your applications run smoother for longer periods, and you’ll likely have less maintenance on your end. Make it as easy for yourself as you can when you do it the first time.

Always Review Your Code.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s so important that it is always worth mentioning. Catching your own mistakes is an important piece of the coding process, but it also helps you learn from those mistakes. Regularly checking your code for bugs can ultimately produce more effective coding habits, and in turn making you a better programmer.

Never Stop Learning.

Like we mentioned before, industry trends are constantly changing. Improving your coding skills doesn’t stop once your boot camp is over. You should be continuously increasing your skills and efficiency, regardless. Keep reading industry blogs to make sure you’re up to date on any changes in market trends.

With all of these options, there are plenty of ways for you to always be stepping up your game and improving. Put these secrets to work and watch as your skills get better and better over time.

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